Department Chair: Paula Loscocco (Carman Hall, Room 302B)

Department Faculty: Professors: Grace Russo Bullaro, Mario DiGangi, Paula Loscocco, Margot Mifflin, Deirdre Pettipiece; Associate Professors: Siraj Ahmed, Allison Amend, James Anderson, Salita Bryant, William G. Fisher, Janis Massa, Tyler Schmidt, Jessica Yood; Assistant Professors: David Hyman, J. Bret Maney, Olivia Moy; Lecturers: Jane Cleland, Jennifer MacKenzie, Joseph McElligott, Deirdre O'Boy, Dhipinder Walia

The Department of English offers students the opportunity to gain a thorough knowledge of literature written in English; to develop expertise in literary exposition and criticism; to learn the fundamentals of linguistics; and to acquire basic professional skills in writing, editing, and proofreading. The specializations that students in the Department may choose are Literature, Professional Writing, Creative Writing, and English/Early Childhood and Childhood Education. The Department also participates in the interdisciplinary programs in Women's Studies and Comparative Literature.