Freshman Year Initiative

Freshman Programs: Steven Wyckoff (Carman Hall, Room 339)

The Freshman Year Initiative (FYI) is an award-winning, nationally recognized program offering first-year students a supportive and carefully structured college experience. All first-year students participate in the program, which promotes an interdisciplinary curriculum, faculty collaboration, and peer support.

Each group of first-year students participates in the Freshman Seminar (LEH 100), a one-semester orientation course that introduces full-time freshmen to the college experience. The course examines the goals of a liberal arts education and reinforces effective study habits. Emphasis is placed on the students' development of their commitment to academic success. The Seminar provides an opportunity for freshmen to:

  • Enhance academic performance in the first year;
  • Become aware of the College's facilities and support services;
  • Understand the College's academic procedures and policies; and
  • Explore educational goals and academic and career plans.