Secondary School Teachers of Biology and General Science Program

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited college or university.
  • Demonstrate the ability to pursue graduate study successfully. (Above-average academic achievement in general and in the teaching specialization is required.)
  • Students in the program for Secondary School Teachers of Biology and General Science must have completed a major in the life sciences. The preparation must include at least 24 credit hours in the biological sciences (appropriately distributed), including an introduction to genetics. Additional required preparation on the college level consists of one year each of chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Advisable college-level preparation includes one year of earth sciences, one course in probability and statistics, and one course in organic chemistry. The candidate must also have completed 12 credits in secondary education courses and one semester of student teaching (or its equivalent).
  • If conditionally admitted, students must make up not more than 12 credits of specified undergraduate coursework, starting in the first semester and finishing in no more than three consecutive semesters.
  • Up to three letters of recommendation.

Degree Requirements

Students in the graduate curriculum will be required to complete the following minimum work:

Four courses in the biological sciences

CHE One course in chemistry

PHY One course in physics

Courses totaling 9 credits in secondary education, possibly to be chosen from:

ESC 700Psychology in Education, Group Dynamics


ESC 701Advanced Educational Psychology


ESC 702Foundations of Education


ESC 703School and Community



ESC 772Evaluation and Assessment of Student Learning


  • Students who have not completed one year of undergraduate earth sciences will take either geology, astronomy, or both.
  • Additional courses are listed under the Departments of Chemistry, Earth, Environmental, and Geological Sciences, and Physics and Astronomy. A minimum total of 30 credits must be completed to earn the degree.