Mathematics M.A. Program

The Master of Arts Program in Mathematics is offered for (a) students who may eventually work toward a doctorate in mathematics; (b) those who seek the M.A. as a terminal degree; (c) graduates of the M.A. Program for Secondary School Teachers of Mathematics seeking additional graduate mathematics credits and who wish the structure of a formal degree program and the credential of a pure mathematics master's degree; (d) qualified students who wish to take individual graduate mathematics courses.

Admission Requirements

  • Have a bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university.
  • Demonstrate the potential to successfully pursue graduate study by having attained a minimum undergraduate grade average of B in mathematics courses and a B- in the undergraduate record as a whole. Alternatively, graduation from the Lehman Teachers Master's in Mathematics program or an equivalent master's degree with a B cumulative average may replace undergraduate grade requirements.
  • Have completed at least calculus through vector calculus, at least 3 credits in linear algebra, at least 3 credits in modern algebra and at least 3 credits in advanced calculus/analysis. (Students with fewer than 12 credits in mathematics beyond calculus or lacking specific courses may be considered for conditional admission; however, any student admitted must be sufficiently advanced to take at least one course in the program the first semester of matriculation.)
  • Submit two letters of recommendation and a personal statement explaining your career plans.
  • If conditionally admitted, satisfy the conditions within one year. This can include taking undergraduate courses to satisfy the admission criteria.

Degree Requirements

The requirements for the M.A. Degree in Mathematics are as follows:

  • A program of 30 credits of courses, chosen with the permission of the Graduate Adviser. Students should include in their combined current graduate and prior academic career the following courses: (a) MAT 751: Theory of Functions of a Real Variable, (b) MAT 753: Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable I, (c) MAT 616: Algebra.
  • At least 18 of the credits must be taken as a matriculated student at Lehman. Students considering going on to a mathematics doctorate are encouraged to take some of their final credits in the CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D. Program in Mathematics.
  • A written comprehensive examination is required. The exam shall cover the three courses prescribed above.

Students are required to maintain a cumulative B average to stay in good standing, and must have an overall B average to graduate. Two consecutive semesters in attendance out of good standing is cause for dismissal. MAT 582, MAT 601, MAT 602, MAT 603, MAT 604, and MAT 615 may not be used toward this degree.