Computer Science

Chair: Brian Murphy (Gillet Hall, Room 211).

Department Faculty: Distinguished Professor: Victor Pan; Associate Professors: Gwang Jung, Brian Murphy; Assistant Professors: Itai Feigenbaum, Matthew Johnson, Mingxian Zhong, Liang Zhou; Lecturers: Sameh Fakhouri, Steven Fulakeza, Eva-Maria Sofianos; Math and Computer Science Learning Center Coordinator: Loric Madramootoo; IT Academic Technology Coordinator: Marvin Florin; Academic Advisor: Tanja Haxhoviq

The Department of Computer Science offers undergraduates degree programs in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems and the opportunity to select a minor in these fields. Students can pursue programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and to the Bachelor of Science degree in either Computer Science or Computer Information Systems. These programs prepare students both for graduate study and for careers in industry, education, government, and the non-profit sector.