Economics Minor

Effective: Spring 2019. Students whose minor declaration for this program is effective beginning in the Spring of 2019 or thereafter must follow these requirements. Students whose declarations were for previous semesters follow the requirements that were in effect at the time of declaration. See link below for the most recent Economics minor requirements prior to Spring 2019. Please refer to DegreeWorks or consult an advisor to review your requirements and track your progress.

Minor in Economics

This minor consists of:

ECO 300Intermediate Macroeconomics


ECO 301Intermediate Microeconomics


ECO 302Economic Statistics



One elective course

One elective course: 300-and 400-level with ECO prefix. 

ECO 302: Students majoring in Accounting and Business Administration must substitute BBA 403 for ECO 302.

Economics Minor Prior to Spring 2019

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