Chair: Julie Maybee (Carman Hall, Room 360)

Department Faculty: Professors: James Mahon (Dean of Arts and Humanities), Julie Maybee (Chair of Department), Naomi Zack; Associate Professors: Michael Buckley, Rosalind Carey; Assistant Professors: Emann Allebban, Marcello Di Bello, Collin O'Neil, Umrao Sethi

Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom about ourselves, others, and the world through sustained reflection on general questions - e.g. what is the nature of thought, what is the purpose of life - arising from the human experience. Philosophy is thus both a body of knowledge and a set of skills. The Department of Philosophy offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge of the best of philosophical literature and to develop their own skill in analysis and argument, both written and oral.

The Department offers students a Major leading to the BA. It also offers a Minor. The Department participates in the interdisciplinary programs in Linguistics and Disability Studies.