Spanish M.A. Program

Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited college or university.
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully pursue graduate study. (Above-average academic achievement in general and in Spanish course work is required.)
  • Have completed 18 credits in advanced (300-level and above) undergraduate Spanish courses (including a minimum of 9 advanced credits in literature courses conducted in Spanish). If these requirements are not met, additional undergraduate courses must be completed before admission to the program and after consultation with the Department of Languages and Literatures. As part of the required courses, students must have taken SPA300 (Introduction to Literary Studies) and SPA309 (Advanced Spanish Grammar) or their equivalents in another accredited college or university. If the candidate has not taken these courses, he/she should consult with the graduate advisor.
  • Submission of a personal statement of some 500 words indicating, as precisely as possible, the applicant's preparation for master's work and career plans (In English).
  • Submission of an academic writing sample in Spanish. This sample can be an essay submitted for a literature class from an accredited college or university. The length of this essay must be at least eight pages long, including bibliography. The student will meet with the graduate advisor for an assessment of this writing sample.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • A meeting with the Graduate Program Advisor is required. The Advisor will complete an assessment process based on the documentation provided by the student. A discussion and an assessment of the writing sample and the language skills required to perform graduate studies in Spanish will be conducted during the meeting with the Graduate Advisor.

Degree Requirements

The M.A. in Spanish requires a total of 30 credits distributed as follows: 

*SPA 601 (3 credits)
*SPA 701 (3 credits)
*SPA 619 (3 credits)

*The above are required courses and must be taken during the first year of graduate studies. If unable to take these courses during the first year of graduate studies, the student should schedule a meeting with the graduate advisor and request special permission to take the courses in following semesters. 

A minimum of one course in Peninsular literature (3 credits)

A minimum of one course in Latin American literature (3 credits)

5 elective Graduate Spanish courses (15 credits) 

All students in the program must pass a comprehensive examination. This test must be taken during the last semester of graduate studies.

Spanish MA Prior to Fall 2020