Education Programs

Designed primarily for students who have completed an undergraduate teacher-preparation program—including general education, academic specialization, and professional foundations—Lehman College's graduate programs in education extend the competence of the classroom teacher, school counselor, and school leader; provide training for specialized school professionals; and promote research for all school professionals. The programs focus on the mastery of academic disciplines, the development of education theory and practice, clinically rich experiences in schools, and research on issues of particular relevance to teachers, counselors, and building leaders in urban schools. 

The educator preparation programs allow the prospective professional to specialize in such fields as Early Childhood and Childhood Education, Middle and High School Education (English, social studies, mathematics education, science education, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages—TESOL), counselor education, educational leadership, literacy studies (reading education), and special education.

In addition, there are five graduate programs designed for applicants who seek certification as teacher of music, visual arts*, foreign language education, health, or students with speech and language disabilities (TSSLD) in schools. These programs are offered through the Music Department, Art Department,* Department of Languages and Literatures, Department of Health Sciences, and Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences in partnership with the School of Education. 

The academic and education programs described in this Bulletin are designed to fulfill the requirements for New York State initial or professional certification. Students who graduate from an educator preparation program may apply for New York State initial or professional certification, contingent upon their credentials. 

Note: The graduate Art Education Program currently leads to professional certification only. (Art education leads to both initial and professional certification).