Business and Liberal Arts

Program Director: Jane K. Cleland, Department of English

Steering Committee: James Mahon, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities; Michael Buckley, Philosophy; Elhum Haghighat, Political Science; Marie Marianetti, History; Janet Skolnik, Art.

The Business and Liberal Arts Program enables students to combine a traditional liberal arts education (including the natural and social sciences) with effective training in the business and/or not-for-profit sectors. Many liberal arts colleges around the nation have taken the initiative to prepare their students for business and non-profit careers without compromising the traditional characteristic of their educational mission. The administrators and educators of these institutions have noted that employers look for potential managers, who in addition to having excelled in critical thinking, effective communication, and analytical ability honed in liberal arts curriculums, also possess a general knowledge of business environments. This program both reaffirms the fundamental importance of liberal arts in college graduates' overall development and provides the necessary theoretical and practical exposure to the global business world through appropriate courses, workshops, mentorship, and/or internships.