Department Chair: Andrei Jitianu (Davis Hall, Room 315)

Undergraduate Advisor: Naphtali O'Connor (Davis Hall, Room 326)

Chemistry faculty share advising responsibility. See the Chemistry Department advising schedule on the website.

Department Faculty and Staff: Professors: Iraj Ganjian, Andrei Jitianu, Marc S. Lazarus, Gustavo Lopez, Pamela Mills; Associate Professors: Thomas Kurtzman, Naphtali O'Connor; Assistant Professors: Benjamin Burton-Pye, Columba De La Parra, Melissa Deri, Prabodhika Mallikaratchy, Donna McGregor; Clinical Professor: Sonjae Wallace; Chief College Laboratory Technician: Sharif Elhakem; Senior College Lab Technicians: Sarswati Amarante, Bibi N. Gafur, Habib Girgis

The Department of Chemistry offers degree programs designed to prepare students for advanced study and careers in chemistry, biochemistry, and related fields, including medicine and dentistry. For students majoring in other science or science-related fields, the Department offers courses needed to pursue careers in science teaching, medicine, dentistry, nursing, and nutrition. For non-science majors, courses are offered that present the concepts and facts of chemistry useful in understanding and appreciating present-day scientific knowledge and its application to everyday life. The B.S. in Chemistry and Chemistry with a specialization in Biochemistry are accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Departmental Honors

In order for students to receive departmental honors they must satisfy the College requirements for departmental honors and must complete CHE 491 with a grade of B+ or greater.