Early Childhood and Childhood Education

Department Chair: Nancy Dubetz (Carman Hall, Room CA-B07)

Program Coordinators: Jennifer Collett (Childhood, Minor to Masters), Michelle Washington (Early Childhood, Minor to Masters), Frances Rofrano (Minor)

Department Faculty: Professors: Nancy Dubetz, Anne Rothstein; Associate Professors: Cecilia Espinosa, Anne Marie Marshall, Zoila Morell, Frances Rofrano, Alexandria Lawrence Ross, Andrea Zakin; Assistant Professors: Jennifer Collett, Yasmin Morales-Alexander, Celestial Wills-Jackson; Sub-Assistant Professor: Melissa Garcia; Lecturers: Kym Vanderbilt, Michele Washington

The Department of Early Childhood and Childhood Education (ECCE) offers a 12-credit minor for any student who is interested in learning about the field of urban education, as well as teaching certification programs for the student who plans to seek a Lehman endorsement for an initial teaching certificate. Four programs offer initial teaching certificates: Early Childhood; Early Childhood-Integration of Bilingual Extension; Childhood; and Childhood-Integration of Bilingual Extension.

The Lehman Urban Transformative Education (LUTE) Conceptual Framework that guides these teacher education programs was developed by faculty to provide a philosophical base for the faculty's work as teacher educators. It delineates what is valued by the Department as well as how teaching practices within the Department reflect those values. The Department's mission is to prepare competent, qualified, ethical, and reflective professionals for service to diverse communities. Within CUNY's tradition of access and excellence and Lehman's mission of service to the urban community, it is expected that teachers who study in these programs will bring respect for knowledge, diversity, caring, and justice to their work with children, families, colleagues, and local organizations that comprise the Lehman community.