Economics and Business

Department Chair: Dene Hurley (Carman Hall, Room 375) 

Senior Advisor and Academic Advising Manager: Deirdre Constant

Academic Advisor: Griselda Poe

Department Faculty: Professors: Jose Cao-Alvira, Ning Chen, Mario Gonzalez-Corzo, Dene Hurley, Mary Rogan, Chanoch Shreiber; Associate Professors: Amod Choudhary, Juan DelaCruz, Mine Doyran, Vassilios Gargalas, Nikolaos Papanikolaou, Rossen Petkov; Assistant Professors: Nari Kim, Richard Lahijani, Alexander Nunez-Torres, Sean Stein Smith; Lecturers: Shirley Bishop, Anthony Murrell, Ada Rodriguez, Deborah Sanders, Linda Tauber

The Department offers five undergraduate majors: B.A. in Economics; B.A. in Accounting; B.S. in Accounting; Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.); and B.A. in Economics and Mathematics.

Career Opportunities: The degree programs offered by the Department are designed to equip students with necessary competencies for successful careers in business enterprises, government or non-profit organizations, education, and research.

Preparation for Graduate Study: Students planning graduate study in economics, accounting, business administration, law, or any relevant academic or professional field should contact Departmental advisers.