Department Chair: David Hyman (Carman Hall, Room 385)

Department Faculty: Professors: Siraj Ahmed, Allison Amend, Mario DiGangi, Paula Loscocco, Margot Mifflin, Deirdre Pettipiece; Associate Professors: James Anderson, Salita Bryant, William G. Fisher, David Hyman, Tyler T. Schmidt, Jessica Yood; Assistant Professors: Melissa Castillo Planas, I. Augustus Durham, Eve Eure, Sophia Hsu, Arianevani Kannan, J. Bret Maney, Olivia Moy; Lecturers: Matthew Caprioli, Jane Cleland, Jennifer MacKenzie, Joseph McElligott, Deirdre O'Boy, Dhipinder Walia

The Department of English offers students the opportunity to gain a thorough knowledge of literatures written in English; to develop expertise in literary exposition and criticism; to learn the fundamentals of linguistics; to develop rhetorical competency in multimedia writing and publication, both expository and creative; and to acquire professional skills in writing, editing, and proofreading. The specializations that students in the Department may choose are Literature, Professional Writing, or Creative Writing. English majors minor in Early Childhood and Childhood Education or Middle and High School Education, as well as many other disciplines in the Arts and Sciences. The Department participates in interdisciplinary programs in Comparative Literature, Disability Studies, Human Rights and Peace Studies, Humanities, Irish, Linguistics, Professional Communications, and Women's Studies.