Italian-American Studies

Committee Members: Professors Madeline Moran and Manfredi Piccolomini

Cooperating Departments: Anthropology, Art, English, History, Languages and Literatures, Music, Political Science, and Sociology

The program in Italian-American Studies is an interdisciplinary major that focuses on Italian-American experiences as they relate to both the Italian and American contexts. The program provides the student with the opportunity to investigate the social, cultural, psychological, historical, and esthetic dimensions of the Italian-American experience. The major in Italian-American Studies offers an area of specialization for students who plan graduate training in ethnic studies, and for those who expect to teach in urban areas where there are large numbers of Italian-Americans.

For those students who will pursue advanced degrees in the arts, the humanities, or in the various social and behavioral sciences, a major in both the field of their choice and in Italian-American Studies, a dual major, permits a specialty within the academic discipline. The curriculum has practical applicability to teaching at all levels, and to the service-oriented professions (medicine, psychology, social work, law, etc.). A dual major is required of all students majoring in Italian-American Studies, except those preparing to qualify for an Initial Certificate in education. In most instances, 12 credits from the second major may serve as part of the Italian-American Studies major as well (see the outline of requirements below).

In consultation with a member of the Italian-American Studies Committee, each student will formulate an individual program of study, without reference to traditional departmental fields. The program thus offers the opportunity to investigate those features of Italian-American culture that match student interests. Special courses emphasizing research and critical thought, such as seminars and tutorials taught by participating faculty, will be provided to synthesize the work of each student in the major.

Program Procedure

Each semester the Committee on Italian-American Studies will advise students in the program of the appropriate courses to be offered in the ensuing semester by departments participating in the program, as well as of courses to be offered by the Italian-American Studies program. Each student majoring in Italian-American Studies must receive the Committee's approval before registering for any course to be credited toward the major.

NOTE: Cross-listed courses may be taken for credit in either IAS or in the department in which the course originates.