Middle and High School Education

Chair: Wesley Pitts (Carman Hall, Room B29)

Undergraduate Program Coordinator: Daniel Stuckart

Department Faculty: Professors: Cecelia Cutler, Serigne M. Gningue, Herminio Martinez; Associate Professors: Orlando Alonso, Gillian Bayne, Amanda Gulla, Immaculee Harushimana, Wesley Pitts, Daniel Stuckart; Assistant Professors: Sherry Deckman, Tiffany Dejaynes, David Fletcher, Roger Peach, Joye Smith-Munson; Lecturer: Celia Cruz, Sunyata Smith; College Lab Technician: Joi Jones.

The Department of Middle and High School Education prepares teacher candidates to meet requirements for New York State initial certification1 to teach the following academic subjects in middle and high school: english, foreign languages, mathematics, science (biology and general science; chemistry and general science; physics and general science; and earth science and general science), and social studies. It also prepares students to meet requirements to teach the following special subjects: art (K-12).

Advisement: Students should obtain advisement before enrolling in an education sequence. Information about prerequisites, and the requirements for New York State certifications2 for teachers of academic or special subjects, may be obtained in the Department office. Students seeking New York City public school licenses will be advised as to the requirements for the appropriate New York State teaching certificate currently accepted as partial City credentialing. Candidates for certification are expected to demonstrate specified knowledge, skills, and performance competencies through class sessions on campus and through a variety of field-based activities in schools and other education agencies. Students interested in dual certification should consult the Department Chair.

1 The sequence described in this section meets the requirements for New York State certification. Students seeking a license to teach in New York City public schools may need to meet other requirements and should contact the New York City Public Schools Office of Recruitment for specific information (718-935-2670).
2 New York State also requires applicants for provisional teacher certification to achieve a satisfactory level of performance on the New York State Test of the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAST), and on the Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written (ATS-W). Candidates are also required to earn a certificate in child abuse detection and prevention. For updated certification requirements, please contact the school certification adviser (Carman Hall, B-33).