Bachelor (B.A. or B.S.) Degree in Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Arts or Sciences (B.A. or B.S.) in Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies (BLIS) allows ADP students to create an interdisciplinary focus that follows their own academic goals. The credit range, 30-36, is to ensure that students are able to include any prerequisite courses needed for their studies. The B.A. will require that 90 of the 120 credits earned will be designated as liberal arts.  The B.S. will require that 60 of the 120 credits earned will be designated as liberal arts. More information is available on the program website:


All ADP students are eligible.


The Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies major requires a minimum of 30-36 credits, of which 18 must be at the 300 level or higher.

There are two required courses for all BLIS majors:

  •  IBA 301 (3 credits), Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies: intended to be completed during the first semester of participation in the major but after the student has completed a minimum of 24 overall credits.

  • IBA 482 (3 credits), Capstone Seminar: to be completed after the student has earned at least 27 credits in the major courses. 

The remaining 24-30 credits of the major are chosen by the student as part of a proposal developed during IBA 301, in consultation with ADP faculty/advisors. The proposal must reflect a minimum of two or more disciplines and will be approved by the ADP Advisory Board or by faculty/advisors from the primary disciplines.