Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Chair: Peggy Conner (Speech Bldg., Room 226)

Deputy Chair: Lynn Rosenberg (Speech Bldg., Room 222)

Undergraduate Academic Adviser: Mary Boylan (Speech Bldg., Room 221)

Department Faculty: Professors: Mira Goral; Associate Professors: Alison Behrman, Stephen A. Cavallo, Peggy Conner, Liat Seiger-Gardner, Cheryl Smith Gabig; Assistant Professor: Talita Fortunato-Tavares; Doctoral Lecturer: Diana Almodovar; Lecturers: Mary Boylan, Christine Neumayer, Lynn Rosenberg; Director of Clinical Education and Clinical Services: Leslie Grubler

The Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences offers students preprofessional coursework in typical and atypical communication processes within the context of a liberal arts education. The B.A. program prepares students for graduate study in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology.