Art, M.A. Program

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited college or university.
  • Demonstrate the potential to pursue graduate study successfully, that is, by having attained a minimum undergraduate grade average of B in Art courses and a minimum grade average of B- in the undergraduate record as a whole.
  • Have earned a minimum of 33 undergraduate credits in art. This total must include one 3-credit survey course in art history and 6 additional credits in Art History.
  • Complete an interview with the Department and submit a portfolio and/or photographs or slides of recent student work.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation from college instructors.
  • If conditionally admitted, satisfy the conditions within one year.
  • Personal Interview. An appointment for a personal interview with the graduate coordinator and adviser can be made through the Art Department Office after the application for admission has been filed and approved.
  • Applicants must then present examples of their work - either originals, photographs, or color transparencies - for final approval.

Degree Requirements

Students are required to select an area of specialization from either painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, or digital media. They must earn 12 credits in their area of specialization, 6 credits in elective courses, and 9 credits in Art History.

In addition:

ART 746Masters Project


ART 746: Must be taken in the student's area of specialization for 3 credits during the final semester in the program.

The electives will be selected (in consultation with the Graduate Adviser) from among:

ART 702Advanced Problems in Design I


ART 710Advanced Drawing


ART 738Advanced Photography I


ART 740Advanced Photography II


ART 742Independent Research


Additional Electives: And from courses in painting, graphics, and sculpture (in those areas outside the student's own specialization).

Students are required to elect the following areas as part of the first 18 credits toward the M.A. degree:

Art History




Area of Specialization


Art History: Any of the offerings.

After a student has completed the first 18 credits in the program, the Art Department will conduct a review of the work and determine the student's ability to continue in the M.A. program.