Middle and High School Education

Chair: Wesley Pitts (Carman Hall, Room B29)

Department Faculty: Professor: Cecelia Cutler, Serigne M. Gningue, Herminio Martinez; Associate Professors: Orlando Alonso, Gillian Bayne, Amanda Gulla, Immaculee Harushimana, Wesley Pitts, Daniel Stuckart; Assistant Professors: Sherry Deckman, Tiffany Dejaynes, David Fletcher, Roger Peach, Joye Smith-Munson; Lecturer: Celia Cruz, Sunyata Smith; College Lab Technician: Joi Jones.

Coordinators (Carman Hall, Room B29): Daniel Stuckart, Social Studies Education; Gillian Bayne, Wesley Pitts, Sunyata Smith, Science Education: David Fletcher, Undergraduate Coordinator; Amanda Gulla, English Education; Joye Smith, Immaculee Harushimana, Foreign Language Education; Serigne Gningue, Orlando Alonso, Mathematics Education

For advisement about teacher certification in these and other areas, check with the School Certification Officer (Carman Hall, Room B33).

The Department of Middle and High School Education offers the following programs described below:

  • M.S.Ed. in Business and Technology Education (Students are not currently being accepted into this program.)

  • M.S.Ed. in English Education

  • Advanced Certificate: English Education (21-24 credits)

  • M.S.Ed. in Mathematics Education (5-9 or 7-12)

  • Advanced Certificate: Mathematics Education (21-24 credits)

  • M.S.Ed. in Science Education

  • Advanced Certificate: Science Teacher (21-24 credits)

  • M.A. for Secondary School Teachers of Social Studies

  • Advanced Certificate: Social Studies Education (21-24 credits)

  • M.S.Ed. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Advanced Certificate: TESOL

  • M.A. Teaching Spanish

  • Advanced Certificate: Teaching Languages Other than English (LOTE) (21-24 credits)

  • Advanced Certificate: Bilingual Extension (Birth-Grade 12)

The Department of Middle and High School Education offers graduate programs in English Education, Foreign Language Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Social Studies Education, Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL), and Bilingual Education.

Students interested in obtaining a master's degree in other secondary-school certification areas should also consult information contained within this Bulletin under the relevant department(s) and meet with an adviser in the Department of Middle and High School Education.

In addition, individual programs may require the fulfillment of undergraduate-level prerequisites. These prerequisites cannot be used to fulfill degree requirements in graduate programs and must be taken in addition to degree requirements. See individual program advisers for information and guidance.

As of Fall 2011, students matriculated into all graduate certification programs shall be required to take ESC 506 or the equivalent in addition to all other degree and certification requirements, as per the New York State Education Department.

Middle and High School Education programs engage students in work that relates to their experiences as classroom teachers and expands their horizons to new opportunities in their schools and districts. The programs provide both theory and hands-on techniques for instruction and classroom management. An experiential, problem-solving approach to instruction combines time-honored methods with the latest technologies for building broad, transferable personal and occupational skills. Programs provide a background in theories of learning, the social and philosophical foundations of education, curriculum design, methods of teaching, and research techniques critical for all teachers.