SWK 729 Administration in Urban Agencies

This course contributes to the preparation of professional social workers as leaders in social service agencies in urban communities.  It focuses on the knowledge, skills, professional values and ethics necessary for effective administration of public and private social services organizations with the philosophy that well run organizations support quality service delivery and client outcomes.  The course content is guided by the need for social service agencies to be responsive to the needs of diverse clients, especially populations-at-risk, and the professional principle of social justice as a guide to administrative decision- making.  

Course content will include: understanding leadership and mission; understanding organizational development and capacity; designing and structuring service organizations; funding sources; developing and maintaining a diverse staff; understanding the relationship of the organization to the community; program evaluation, analysis and continuous quality improvement; and examining ethical dilemmas.





Requirement Designation

Graduate Non-Liberal Arts




SWK 727, SWK 747.


SWK 714, SWK 774, SWK 745.