ESS 490 Honors Course in Research in Special Educational Services

Opportunity for individual research in education for a limited number of students. 


3 (maximum 6 credits)



Requirement Designation

Regular Non-Liberal Arts




Satisfactory completion of 12 credits in ESS or related fields, including ECE 301 or ESC 301.


NOTE: No student may receive credit for both ESS 490 and ECE 490 or ESC 490. Changes in program requirements designated by the New York State Education Department for Teacher, Counselor, and/or Administrator certifications occur from time to time. As such, students are advised to consult the Office of the School of Education, Room B-33 of Carman Hall, to determine the most current program requirements for certification. Students not seeking an institutional recommendation but who intend to apply independently for certification should consult with a departmental advisor prior to registration so that a course of study fulfilling State requirements may be planned. New York State may at some point end the independent transcript review route to certification. Students should consult the New York State Education Department website for updates or may check with the School of Education's Certification Office to determine if a change in this policy has been adopted.