Economics and Business

Department Chair: Dene Hurley (Carman Hall, Room 375) 

Graduate Director/ Adviser: Linda Tauber (Carman Hall, Room 370) for Master of Science in Accounting (M.S.A.)

Senior Advisor and Academic Advising Manager: Deirdre Constant for Master of Science in Business (M.S.B.) 

Department Faculty: Professors: Jose Cao-Alvira, Ning Chen, Mario Gonzalez-Corzo, Dene Hurley, Mary Rogan, Chanoch Shreiber; Associate Professors: Amod Choudhary, Juan DelaCruz, Mine Doyran, Vassilios Gargalas, Rossen Petkov; Assistant Professors: Jaspal Chatha, Nari Kim, Richard Lahijani, Alexander Nunez-Torres, Nikolaos Papanikolaou, Sean Stein Smith; Lecturers: Shirley Bishop, Anthony Murrell, Ada Rodriguez, Deborah Sanders, Linda Tauber

The Department offers a Master of Science in Accounting (M.S.A.) and Master of Science in Business (M.S.B.) with specializations in Finance and Human Resources Management. The M.S.A. is designed for students who wish to become professional accountants with Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credentials. The M.S.A./C.P.A. program is registered with the New York State Education Department.