Index of Course Abbreviations (Alpha Codes)

Course Abbreviation Program
ACC Accounting
ANT Anthropology
ARH Art History
AST Astronomy
BIO Biological Sciences
CHE Chemistry
CLA Classics
CMP Computer Science
COM Multimedia Studies
DFN Nutrition
EBS Bilingual Special Education
EDC Early Childhood Education
EDE Elementary Education
EDG Guidance & Counseling
EDI Educational Media
EDL Educational Leadership
EDR Reading (Teacher Education)
EDS Special Education
ENG English
ESC Middle & High School Education
ESS Special Subjects (Teacher Education)
EXS  Exercise Science 
FCS Family & Consumer Studies
GEH Human Geography
GEO Geology
GEP Physical Geography
HEA Health Education
HIE  History of Modern European 
HIS History
HIW  Asian, African, and Latin American History 
HSD  Health Sciences Core Courses 
IRI  Irish 
ITA Italian
MAT Mathematics
MLS Liberal Studies
MSB  MS Business 
MSH Music History
MSP Music Performance
MST Music Theory
NUR Nursing
PHY Physics
POL Political Science
PRS Puerto Rican Studies
PSY Psychology
REC Recreation
RLG  Romance Language
SOC  Sociology 
SWK Social Work
SPA Spanish
SPE Speech
THE Theatre