Chair: Christopher Bonastia (Carman Hall, Room B62)

Department Faculty: Professors: Christopher Bonastia, Madeline Moran, Elin Waring, Esther Wilder; Associate Professors: Kofi Benefo, Susan Dumais, Susan Markens, Shehzad Nadeem, Naomi Spence; Assistant Professors: Brittany Fox-Williams, Jennifer Laird, Devrim Yavuz; Lecturers: Thomas Conroy, Dana Fenton

The course of study in the Department of Sociology provides students with the opportunity to gain basic knowledge in the sociological study of human behavior as part of their general liberal arts training, leading to the B.A. degree. The major in Sociology is available in day, evening, and weekend classes. A list of courses is contained within this chapter of the Bulletin.

Career Preparation for Sociology Majors: The program in Sociology is designed to (1) meet the academic and preprofessional needs of potential sociologists and teachers; (2) provide training in research methods, data analysis, and computer applications for those interested in pursuing a career in social research; and (3) begin to equip students for virtually any career (e.g., business, government, law, healthcare, etc.), insofar as such a career involves group settings. For students who are interested in a variety of positions calling for a knowledge of data collection and analysis, the following sequence is of importance: SOC 301 (Methods of Social Research), SOC 345 (Statistics for Social Scientists), SOC 303 (Advanced Methods of Social Research), SOC 402 (Methods of Data Collection and Analysis) and SOC 481 (Advanced Tutorial in Sociology).

Students interested in early childhood or elementary education should consult the Sociology Department adviser for the appropriate course selection in the major. The Department of Sociology, in cooperation with the Department of Middle and High School Education, also offers students the opportunity to prepare for teaching social studies at the secondary level. Students interested in obtaining NYS Teacher Certification should contact either that Department (Carman Hall, Room B29-A) or the Office of the Dean of Education (Carman Hall, Room B-33, 718-960-4972) for information on the most current approved program.