Professional and Preprofessional Programs

Pre Health

The Lehman College Pre Health Advisory Office is designed to facilitate the successful transition of Lehman College undergraduate, graduate, and non-matriculated students to careers in the health professions. The health professions that are targeted by the program include:

  • Dentistry
  • Medicine
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physicians Assistant
  • Veterinary Medicine

The Pre Health Office is committed to providing support that is needed to prepare students for the rigorous demands of the health professions. These goals are met by building a strong science background in students, providing students with opportunities to engage in science research through Lehman College or with health professional schools, building a sense of civic duty to their communities, and empowering them to become involved with members of their respective desired health professions.

After admission to Lehman College, the student preparing for any of the previously listed careers should speak with the premedical advisor (Davis Hall, Room 118).


Students considering careers in the law have many opportunities at Lehman College. Legal educators recommend that students preparing for law school follow a course of study that develops a critical understanding of the institutions and values with which the law deals, the ability to think analytically, to conduct independent research, and to write and speak effectively. A comprehensive liberal arts education —including a major stressing these essential skills, courses in philosophy, such as critical thinking and the philosophy of law, and courses in English such as advanced expository writing —offers the best foundation for law school. A minor in political science is helpful. Students interested in law school should meet with the College's prelaw adviser for information and counseling. For referral to the prelaw adviser, see the Academic Information and Advisement Center (Shuster Hall, Room 280).

Professional Option

Lehman College offers a professional option that allows students to complete the undergraduate degree at an accredited professional school in their senior year. To apply for this option, students must have fulfilled all general education requirements for the degree, at least half of the major and minor, and ninety or more credits, with at least thirty earned at Lehman. With departmental approval, the major and the minor may be completed at the professional school. This option is open to students in predental, premedical, preveterinary, and prelaw. Information and applications are available in the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation (Shuster Hall, Room 280).

Pre-Engineering Transfer Program

Lehman College offers a Pre-engineering Transfer Program, administered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Students study at Lehman for two years before transferring to the School of Engineering at City College. (For more information, consult the pre-engineering adviser in Gillet Hall, Room 131.)

The only complete engineering program in CUNY is at City College. Students at Lehman College can transfer to the School of Engineering at City College after completing twenty-four credits, including two semesters of calculus and one semester of either physics or chemistry. Although a well-prepared student can complete these requirements in two semesters, it is strongly recommended that a student entering this program should plan to spend three semesters at Lehman College, taking the following courses:



ENG 111English Composition I



ENG 121English Composition II



MAT 175Calculus I


MAT 176Calculus II



MAT 226Vector Calculus



PHY 168Physics I for Scientists and Engineers


PHY 169Physics II for Scientists and Engineers



CHE 166General Chemistry I


CHE 167General Chemistry Laboratory I


CHE 168General Chemistry II


CHE 169General Chemistry Laboratory II


Teacher Education Programs

Teacher preparation at Lehman is based on a firm foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. Students who plan to teach at the early childhood, childhood, or middle and secondary levels must major in one of the liberal arts, physical or social sciences, or mathematics. Prospective teachers also enroll in an appropriate education sequence in one of the following two departments:

The Department of Early Childhood and Childhood Education prepares candidates for initial New York State certification to teach children at the early childhood (Birth-Grade 2) and childhood (Grades 1-6) levels, including children whose primary languages and cultures are not English.

The Department of Middle and High School Education prepares candidates for initial New York State certification to teach academic and special subjects (English, science, mathematics, social studies, and foreign languages) in secondary schools, grades 7-12.

Lehman College's educator preparation programs have been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The Counselor Education program has been accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP). NCATE and CACREP accredit only teacher and counselor education programs of the highest quality.