Grading System

The following academic grades are given in Lehman graduate programs: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, and F.

W: The grade in any course from which a student officially withdraws prior to the published deadline, indicating that the withdrawal was without prejudice.

WN: This grade denotes a student never attended the course.

WU: Any unofficial withdrawal from a course and any official withdrawal after the published deadline. A WU counts as an F in computing the Grade Point Average.

INC: Incomplete coursework. The grade is given by the instructor to indicate a student has made satisfactory progress but, for good and sufficient reason, is unable to complete the course. INC grades must be removed by completion of course requirements within one year of assignment of the grade.

FIN: Failure to complete coursework by not resolving INC grade within one year. A FIN counts as an F in computing the Grade Point Average.

SP: Satisfactory Progress restricted to certain fieldwork, thesis or research courses requiring more than one semester for completion.

WA: Administrative withdrawal (e.g., failure to comply with the State law on immunization).

Z: Grade not submitted by the instructor. Z grades must be resolved prior to graduation.

Grade Replacement Policy

As of September 1, 2017, graduate students are entitled to the following grade-replacement policy, which is limited to graduate-level courses: Students may repeat only one course for grade replacement within any one graduate program. The last grade received replaces the previous grade in the cumulative GPA, and credit will only be awarded once.  Students will not be permitted to repeat courses in which they have previously received a grade of B or better. Courses in which a grade of B-, C+, C, F, WN, WU, or FIN is earned may only be repeated with both departmental and Office of Graduate Studies approval. The Grade Replacement Policy may not be used to replace grades in practicum, internship, thesis courses or any grade resulting from a violation of CUNY’s policy on academic integrity. In all cases, the original grade remains on the transcript, along with an indication that the course grade is not included in the computation of the GPA.